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Simple Bathroom Safety for Seniors - 27 Mar 2018 10:35


The restroom is one of the leading places where falls happen. It is particularly imperative that any hard, sharp or tricky surfaces be made protected and secure with the goal that the elderly can securely utilize the lavatory. Forestalling falls one of the most straightforward approaches to enable seniors to carry on with a more extended and more beneficial life.

At Attentive Home Care, our parental figures are extraordinarily prepared to help seniors with showering and other restroom needs. However, it is positively a more straightforward procedure for both guardian and customer when the lavatory has security updates to diminish the danger of mischief.

Here are some simple ways you can refresh your lavatory

for ideal security:

1. Snatch Bars: Place appropriately introduced get bars beside the shower and can to help seniors with rising and sitting. There are even floor-to-roof pressure shafts accessible for those spaces where snatch bars aren't an alternative.

2. Raised Toilet Seat: This requires no establishment! Only buy one and adjust it over the current can.

3. Safe, Non-Slip Surfaces Safe: This can be proficient by using non-slip mat on an item in the tub, shower floor or tile floor. There are additionally unique non-slip mat that can be put on the bath or shower floor.

4. Hand-held Shower Head: Replacing the standard high give head a handheld one takes into account the senior to move the shower make a beeline for clean themselves as opposed to push themselves, bringing down the danger of falls.

5. Shower Bench: Adding a shower seat enables the senior to sit while showering, so they don't lose their adjust and fall. It takes into account a more secure, less tiring washing knowledge and requires no establishment!

6. Night Light: Keeping a programmed, LED night light connected into the divider to the lavatory regularly forestalls running into objects by making it less demanding to see the light switch.

7. Stroll in-Tub: Although they are to some degree pricier than these choices, a stroll in-tub gives the most secure washing knowledge. Seniors can walk straightforwardly into the tub as opposed to venturing inside, gambling damage or slipping.

8. Expel Dangerous Items: These incorporate cleaning supplies, disposable cutters, scissors, and so on. Any sharp protests which could make hurt a senior while they utilize the lavatory.

9. Change the Water Heater: Turning down the water warmer temperature keeps the senior from unintentionally burning themselves.

10. Non-slip Bath Mats: Maybe much consider covering the whole lavatory tile floor, if it is little, with a non-slip shower tangle material.

11. Towel Placement: Place towels inside the simple reach of the tub or shower. This is something our parental figures will hand to you or help you with drying if necessary.

12. Include a Bell System: Keep a ringer framework clicker close to the shower or tub to alarm the parental figure, if they happen to be out of the room, that you are done and require help getting out before attempting to get out without anyone else and gambling a fall. - Comments: 0

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